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  • We do it…We rise to every challenge and expect success.  We maximize our chances through continuous education, developing, improving and refining our products, service and services.

  • We make it happen...Anything is possible.  We challenge ourselves and push the limits.  We pursue opportunities for growth-we lead.

  • We take it personally…Every person is essential to the whole.  We expect the best from ourselves and take pride in our work.

  • We work as one…We meet or exceed our goals through attention to detail, and consistent high quality service to our partners and teachers.

  • We enjoy what we do…It feels good to do what we do!  We are aware of what others do, yet we take pride in the specialized service our company provides.

  • With these values in mind…We move our company forward with a strong sense of loyalty, commitment, and expectation of success.



The Kallen Agency’s mission is to be the leading provider of safe, beneficial educational experiences and products to all we can reach. 

The Kallen Agency seeks to inspire people to enjoy learning and stay courageously engaged in their world while doing so.  Joining The Kallen Agency is an opportunity to challenge yourself to contribute your best.  To inspire and be inspired by the many teachers and professional opportunities made available to you.  As an agency, we have evolved and progressed tremendously.



The Kallen Agency specializes in marketing to childcare facilities with low-income demographics.




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